The cheapest strategy to maintain your air smelling fresh and clean in your daycare is usually to maintain your windows open. Unless you are next to a garbage dump, good air flow is going to do wonders to the quality of air within your preschool facility. Keep your windows open when possible. Areon Fresco

For points in the 4 seasons when you must close the windows or for inclement weather, use air fresheners. Time-mist automatic air deodorizers have been about for many years now and are the #1 selling freshener to daycares, childcare centers, and preschools. They shoot out scented mists in pre-programmed times to hold a good, consistent fresh smell in the air in your childcare facility.

Being a childcare or pre-school facility, you cannot afford for mothers and fathers just to walk in and smell poopy diapers and urine and also other foul smells. You'll lose your main clients if you're not careful. Clean smelling air is probably the first things anyone notices after they enter a brand new room or building. A feeling of smell is incredibly good and you can not afford to give the wrong first impression to paying customers. Areon Fresco

For many people to simply use air fresheners although not clean the best place. Sanitizing and cleaning your daycare is simply as important, or maybe more important than freshening mid-air. In the end, you want to avoid the spread of disease and germs as much as possible. Air fresheners and sanitizing and cleaning type of work. Keeping a clear and tidy daycare might help keep the air smelling nice while the timemist units will offer that nice scented smell of your option and mask anything that you missed cleaning.